The Task of Involuxion

October 10, 2016

Involuxion, pronounced \in–vo–lü–shen\, is the intentional process through which the interior of mind, body and spirit are illuminated and activated by the light of wisdom and understanding.

The world in which we live seems to constantly present difficult situations. In some cases these are personal, and other times it can feel as though the world itself is exploding with scenes of chaos, crime and discontent that leave us anxious and worried. How do children learn positive coping skills in a society where they witness so much struggle and discontent even at home? Coping skills for life many times amount to quick fixes, pleasures and distractions. Religious or spiritual philosophies which promise salvation from the pain of life are for some, an obvious choice for coping. Others resort to therapy and medicines that leave them wondering when they are going to get better. For others there seems to be nothing that will quiet the dismay and overwhelming sense of something going wrong on a daily basis.

The true challenge with difficulty lies in the belief that all is external and we are ultimately victims of circumstances, tossed about on “sea of chance”. That issues disappear completely when we realize this is not true, and finally take control of our own lives. We can understand “sea of chance” and learn to navigate it. We can learn ourselves and learn to take control, take responsibility and be the people we know we are inside. This is Involuxion at its best. Through it we find a better future and live a better now. We understand ourselves and discover our personal mission and reason for being in the world. We realize who we truly are and where our power really comes from. Ultimately through Involuxion we discover the secret that is not secret and the way to a life of happiness and abundance.

Awake Yet?

October 12, 2016

You may have heard people talk about waking up, being awake or awakening but what exactly does all that mean? Well as usual there are many different answers to that question from a variety of perspectives. What they all usually boil down to though, is that a person is awake when they have begun to ask and answer questions for themselves, taking personal responsibility rather than relying solely on information from others in the everyday world.

In the course of many of our lives we learn as children how the world works, how people work, what science teaches, what religion teaches and many other things. Then as we get older we begin to find out that there are more than one answer to all of our questions. Many times the answers are based on feelings and perspectives, sometimes they are based on “facts”, but even facts tend to change from decade to decade as new knowledge is gained through research and experience.

So how does this relate to being awake? Well technically what it relates to is being asleep. When a person is asleep, they are following along with the general trend of conditioning in the world. A person like this will usually be very adamant about the truth of things based on their knowledge of science, religion, philosophy or any number of things which are put out into the world by other people. But the truth is, that all of these things are put into the world by other people! So how do you know if something is really right for you?

This is where being awake becomes important. Someone who is awake is realizing that finding answers to life’s deepest questions is much more involved than reading a book, following a religion or hanging on the words of your favorite scientific explorer. Finding answers involves deep soul searching and taking personal responsibility for the things we do. After all, what we believe and do in our own lives is what really impacts us the most. One of the most pervasive beliefs in our world today is that power is gained from an external source. To some this might be money, powerful friends, prestigious titles, fame or even attractiveness, but none of these things actually give a person their power. We have made the world what it is today by buying in to the belief that we have to gain access to power in order to have it. As a person begins to wake from this dream, they find a reality wherein they have already been in possession of the most powerful force in the Universe.

Even physicists in our current time have tried without success to discover the true animating force behind all life. This animating force is what gives each one of us movement, breath, life and the ability to think, feel and act. This is true power. When a person begins to recognize this animating force within them, begins to truly discover what resonates with that force and uses it to begin building the life that fits their soul purpose, that person has awakened.

So how do we awaken? How do we connect with the powerful internal force that exists inside each of us? Check out Wake Up! And other related articles here!

Wake Up!!!

October 12, 2016

At least in my own experience, I have heard a number of people express to me how happy they are that they have woken up. But there are still plenty of people out there who either haven’t heard this phrase, or have and just don’t know what it really means for them. If you find yourself asking, “Am I awake?” this article might help you discover the truth of that answer for yourself.

So how do you do it? How do you wake up? Are you awake already? The honest truth is that it is a very personal process for everyone. Many times people find themselves waking up after experiencing trauma or an otherwise particularly difficult life situation. Other times a person might just have an epiphany of sorts, or wake up one day and realize that this has happened to them. It’s a mysterious business waking up, but once it has happened, there is a real sense that something in life is different.

In many religions and spiritual philosophies, in one way or another, there is a strong idea about a veil which separates the reality of humans from the reality of the divine. Although the deeper implications of this truth have been lost to the world at large, there still exists even in the prominent religions, a sense that being a good person, persisting through difficulties, calling on the creator and other similar practices are the way to divine union. But what exactly is divine union? And what does it have to do with being awake?

These are the types of questions a person who is waking up might be asking themselves or others. In many traditional spiritual images, union with the divine is often pictured as two separate entities, usually one of them is kneeling or bowing before the other, and the other is bedecked roundabout with luminosity, halos or another type of spiritual light. The way these images have been projected and interpreted by mainstream society however, are far different from the intent of many of their origins.

In times past, ancient societies knew that each human being was imbued with a divine animating force and that force was a part of, and one with all things. It was also well known that the initial trial of the human being, was to recognize that his body was not ultimately his spirit. Pythagoras and other Greek mystics as well as Buddha, Zoroaster and Jesus all taught that the body is a vehicle of expression for the spirit which lives within. Jesus said “I have no will save to do the will of him that sent me.” In those times, images that represented the body or the personal vehicle submitting to the higher spirit by bowing before it were representative of the idea that the self-conscious aspect of man is ultimately subservient to the higher and more divine aspect within man, that which animates him and gives him movement and function.

This divine spirit then, is inside each and every human being alive on this planet today. What we commonly refer to as ego, is the same as what the ancients referred to as self-consciousness. When a person believes that she of herself is responsible for doing everything that must be done in life, life itself can become very overwhelming. Or that person can become anxious, insecure, self-absorbed, high strung, obsessive, workaholic or any number of idiosyncratic traits many of us experience in life at one time or another.

The most basic recognition for awakening then, is to realize that your soul is actually the driving force behind your life and all the lives on the planet, plant, animal or otherwise. This soul is a part of every other soul and a part of all things in the universe. You will still find this type of idea in the traditional Native American philosophies found in many parts of North and South America. This is also the idea behind “God’s children” as is taught in many Christian or Abrahamic based religious philosophies, since the child is that which comes from the parent and is therefore a part of the parent although it is also separate. Knowing and understanding this basic concept is one of the most powerful forces behind awakening.

The recognition that there is a soul inside of us, which is part of the universal soul helps us to realize not only that we are part of everyone else, but that everything we do has an impact on not just our life, but the lives of everyone around us. Another great realization that comes from this knowledge, is knowing that the source of all power exists inside of YOU. This powerful force is given to each of us with a purpose and a mission that is to be expressed through the life that you live. When we connect with this divine source and recognize that our life has its own unique purpose, we can then become able to more fully express our own personal mission in life.

In order to awaken to this reality, we must first recognize the difference between the divine soul within and the vehicle of expression that carries your name, your habits, your faults and your talents. This vehicle, like a car, can get us where we want to go, but without understanding that there is ultimately a soul driving the vehicle, we remain asleep at the wheel. Almost anyone can relate to what kinds of problems a person has who is asleep at the wheel, so waking up in its very basic sense is about recognizing the greater forces behind the events of your life. Once you have awakened to this truth, you can then begin to learn how those forces work and how to use them to create more peace and fulfillment in your own life and the lives of those around you.

What You Think = Something!

October 12, 2016

Most of the time people make their way in the world daily, without realizing that every single thought they have in addition to every movement, word, behavior, etc. is creating their future moment by moment. Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?


a property of chaotic systems (as the atmosphere) by which small changes in initial conditions can lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation in the future state of the system

This means that scientists have figured out that going into an untapped ecosystem and doing just about anything effects large scale changes which could wreak havoc. From it, they surmised that going back in time and doing one single thing, even moving a leaf on the ground, would alter the future irreparably. They have called it The Butterfly Effect and given it a definition that gives us a clue about what we can do with this property of cause and effect. I have learned that by looking at things a variety of ways, they tend to take on a different meaning and quality, sometimes for the better. For instance, to science, the small changes lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation, but what if one was accounting for the changes they were making and forecasting them so that they could have a good prediction of future outcomes? This is precisely what we do when we consciously live our day from moment to moment and it truly changes the game. Some people use a variation of this they call The Law of Attraction, but the underpinnings of that law are what make up the foundation of our reality and they are found in the outcome of The Butterfly Effect.

By tuning into our own thoughts and understanding the mechanics of the universe behind The Butterfly Effect, we can use it to create positive changes in our lives rather than being victims of it day by day. Because that is really what is happening. Daily every person that is not consciously aware of what they are doing and consciously choosing their activities based on their best interests for both now and future, is living The Butterfly Effect. Sometimes the variations are good and sometimes they seem completely unexplainable. But there is an explanation.

For centuries we as a culture have been waiting for saviors and science to find the answers to the problems that continue to plague us, and for centuries we have been dutifully recreating the reality we live in, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. The path out of this seemingly inescapable cycle is a veritable yellow brick road to wishes and dreams. By taking the first step, you walk a road that you are conscious of taking and choose to take moment by moment. You discover yourself, and the energy that truly motivates you and brings you life.

To begin this discovery, first practice bringing thought to each activity of your day. Notice who you are, what you do and what you think about. Write it down if it suits you, because journaling is a great way to keep track of how awareness is changing you subtly day by day. Pay attention to inspirations and intuitions, they are your guides. As you come to know yourself you can begin to make adjustments that lead you into a fuller level of conscious living. You can compare who you find yourself to be with who you want to be and decide how you can move in a better direction. With true reflective thought, this practice produces beautiful outcomes in your life.

Remember this is a process which takes time. Recall in the scientific explanations, the large scale changes that came about as a result of the Butterfly Effect were started by one seeming negligible thing. Think about who you want to be, imagine yourself in the ways you want to see yourself being, don’t be shy! If you feel shy, realize that you are subconsciously shying away from who you really want to be inside and resolve to change that about yourself. When you feel inspirations, try to follow them. When strange things happen, think them through in terms of who you really want to be. Be that person, consciously, every day. Be your best self in each moment and you will be taking the yellow brick road to the fulfillment of your best self. Your level of conscious living can have you riding the crest of the waves of change and the outcomes of The Butterfly Effect will be no surprise to you, because you will have created them by your thoughts and what you made of the world moment by moment, day by day.