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Reiki is another one of those mysterious energy services which many find very helpful but hard to explain. To understand how energy work helps us, is to also understand that energy is really around us everywhere. When you think thoughts or speak words, an energy goes along with them, one that is real and tangible, but only in the finest sense. Intentions are especially powerful and can often be felt by children or sensitive people when they are very precisely directed. Beyond the personal energies are flows and vibrations which move throughout the universe at all times and follow patterns which we call natural laws. It is these energies that physics and new branches of science have been recently studying. We have found as we fine-tuned our scientific instruments, that there is so much more out there than what we can see with our two eyes.

Mystics and psychics for thousands of years have known what was beyond the senses, and have been able to experience universal energies using only their personal sensitivity. Really almost anyone can develop such sensitivity but it takes practice, patience and often a great deal of inner stillness. Even when a person can’t interpret or feel every energy, a great many can feel some and by way of feeling, can also direct that energy. By intention, we can also call this energy to ourselves from the universe. The great thing about this type of energy is that nothing can stop it, not distance or walls or earth. Wherever your intention and thoughts are as a practitioner, there also is your energy.

Reiki practitioners use a set of symbols that correspond to a particular universal energy signature. These energy signatures contain vibrations of healing on physical, emotional and psychic levels of being. When these energies are placed near another energy, a natural process called entrainment begins to occur. In science we know entrainment causes one vibration to attune to another stronger vibration. When the body is in a state of distress or disrepair, it sends out a certain type of vibrational frequency. Just like a guitar that is out of tune, its chords are not in harmony with each other. By intentionally calling in the pure and powerful universal healing frequencies, Reiki works to attune the discordant energies in the body to more healthy vibrations through the use of entrainment.

At times a person can feel better for a while and then they might find they begin to feel sick or discordant again. Without changing the life patterns that produce discordant frequencies, a person will experience regression after healing progress has been made. It is important in healing to not just spot treat an issue, but to discover its core and plan treatment with a well-rounded approach which tackles the issue where it begins and produces a healthier and happier course of healing. Applying a complete therapeutic healing approach is the focus of my practice, and I really enjoy using Reiki to assist my therapy. It is a very soft, gentle and soothing energy that many people can feel and which is helpful and healing. It is also able to go the distance and is a perfect tool for distance therapy sessions!

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I can be reached via my website, Facebook Messenger or by texting or calling (602)501-3662. Any questions about my services? Feel free to ask! I offer a free initial consultation to determine your needs and what types of help I can offer.