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Many people are familiar with the traditional tarot readings done by psychics far and wide, but just what is a tarot reading and what does it represent? I like to refer to tarot readings as a universal GPS service. It may sound funny but that is really one way to look at the functions of tarot. When we work with tarot whether it be the traditional images or new decks with crystals, chakras or angels, what we are doing is using the universal energy and the specific set of cards to find answers to life’s many questions. So how does it work?

Tarot relies on use of the universal law of attraction. This is the law behind the understanding that what you put out into the universe comes back to you. All of your thoughts, hopes, desires and fears create an energy signature that is specific and unique to you and which draw to you what you most hope, fear and desire. Yes! I did say fear - In a sense, you are like a homing beacon, blinking with energy on the universal map and drawing to you whatever you send out. By focusing a specific intention in a reading, we can find the best route to take just as we do when using the GPS on our phones. Sending out the question is the first step. In reality, the universe always answers our questions, but in this very stimulated and busy world, it is difficult to impossible for most people to hear the answers clearly. This is a great reason to use tarot which helps us discover the energy patterns around the questions and “divine” the most probable course for your journey.

Many tarot decks use a symbolical language that is universally understood by the subconscious. Other decks focus on specific topics such as chakras, angel messages or crystals to give a few examples. Regardless of the deck used, a good tarot reader can always interpret relevant and helpful messages. As you and the reader focus on your energy and specific intention for the reading, the energy of the question or focus is transmitted to the universe. As the reader shuffles the cards, the response of the universe is subtly received as the cards take on a unique order specific to your world and your energy. Once the shuffling is finished, the cards are laid out in a pattern which corresponds with specific details of life and suggest the most probable outcome. If you aren’t happy with the outcome, more readings can point to changes you can make that will get you where you really want to go. Remember, just like a GPS system, if you don’t want to end up where the map directs you, you can change course at any time by entering a new address.

Tarot doesn’t foretell the future as much as it shows the most probable course the energies in your life are taking at any given time. To change your life is to change the energy of your thoughts, words and actions. Tarot is a great resource for determining where you are now, and it is for this reason I choose to use a variety of tarot decks in addition to other resources during both energy therapy and coaching sessions!

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