Coaching & Spiritual GuidanceServices Breakdown

It may seem a strange mix to have spiritual guidance and coaching coming from the same place, but in reality both spiritual guidance, and coaching are very similar tasks. They both aim at the core of the person, organizing and honing their personality and skills and assisting them in creating a better life. Spirituality to me is just beyond science and the physical. It is understanding the world that humans don’t typically see and though we all experience it, only some of us really feel it enough to realize that it speaks to us all the time. Science is very slowly recognizing this world through new technology, but it has been known to mystics and seers since pre-recorded history. Through these sages we have come to understand natural laws. Many old sayings are the result of knowledge of these laws. The saying “you reap what you sow” speaks to the law of cause and effect and also relates to the understanding of the nature of mental energy. To ignore these laws while working to assist someone in living a better and easier life, is to miss out on half of the solution.

The effect of unseen laws on life can play a significant role in the outcomes of real, tangible situations. They are a force that plays upon your life, until you learn to work with it. Understanding the natural laws of the universe and its rhythms can provide insight into many life situations. Using these laws in conjunction with a behavioral health sciences background and over a decade of business experience, I am able to provide sound and well-rounded coaching and guidance for many life situations whether business, personal or spiritual. While it is many times costly to visit a life-coach, Involuxion coaching does not have to be expensive. Sessions are cost effective and sometimes just one is enough. At Involuxion the focus is on connecting you with your most genuine self and helping you discover how to maneuver more easily in life.

Coaching shows you where you are right now from the inside out and where your energy is in the space of now. It leads you on a journey of discovering yourself more deeply and connecting to the source of what animates you. It teaches you to use that energy to fulfill your own unique purpose. It guides you through sometimes painful experiences and comforts you in times of distress. The spirituality you bring to a coaching session is special to you and always respected. Coaching is one of my favorite types of therapy. I really enjoy coaching because it gives me an opportunity to connect with unique people, to learn new things and most importantly, to show people how they can heal themselves and blossom into a new and better life.

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I can be reached via my website, Facebook Messenger or by texting or calling (602)501-3662. Any questions about my services? Feel free to ask! I offer a free initial consultation to determine your needs and what types of help I can offer.