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Clearings and Etheric Communication may sound like two different things but they are actually functions of the same thing and that thing is communication with the unseen world. In fact most psychic services involve some form of non-verbal, intuitive communication. To speak to a person’s etheric body for instance, a psychic must connect via meditation. A connection is usually felt or heard but can be experienced in many unique ways. In a similar way while conversing with unseen energy, one psychic may hear the communication while another may see it, still another may have a sense of Clair knowing and another may see images that tell a story. There is really no wrong way to communicate with the unseen world or receive information as long as there is a good connection.

For some, connecting is very easy and for others it takes a great deal of practice. Personally I had a very strong psychic sense all my life, but wasn’t able to really use it in helpful ways until I had spent some time developing and nurturing it. One of the most common ways to nurture a connection with the unseen world is to meditate. During meditation, one is able to allow the energy of the universe to freely flow through them and to attune them to the intelligence of that energy which carries with it a record of all things. It also carries life and the purest vibration which, through the process of entrainment can assist individuals who meditate in moving closer to that vibrational frequency. Like anything, if one behaves contrary to their desired vibration, attunements given or achieved through meditation are likely to last only a short while.

In higher states of vibration it becomes easier to achieve communication with discarnate beings, animals, nature spirits and other types of energy. This can become necessary for many reasons. During clearings for instance, it is sometimes necessary to remove beings or their energy from a space. I have found in my practice, that it is usually best to approach the being or energy with a respectful and positive intention. For this reason, I do not cast out energies or attempt to remove or close down natural energy sources such as vortexes without inquiring into the energy’s source to discover if it can be done and by what means. It can also be necessary to coach a discarnate entity “into the light” in order for it to be cleared from a space or person. These are the types of things that for me, are easiest done in a deep state of meditation.

Although some activities require more inner silence, there are many, such as animal communication and energy therapy which can easily be done in a less meditative state. In a light state of meditation, conversation and other forms of communication, are still possible and very natural. I have worked with animals both in person and from a distance and find it very helpful to converse with the owner about them while I am reading their energy. Similarly some people like to talk or ask questions during Reiki therapy which does not cause any detriment to the treatment. Coaching sessions present a great opportunity to converse with a person’s energy body and physical personality at the same time which gives a great deal of information for the session. Psychic services work when the psychic has a firm connection with the universal energy and a calm inner awareness. Such services are the foundation of all of the therapies I practice and tools I use, including Tarot reading and Coaching.

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