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Many people have seen the image of a person in lotus pose with the seven rainbow colored spheres aligned through the middle. These spheres are called chakras and sometimes other things by different traditions around the world. The knowledge of chakras in the human body and other living things is as old as knowledge itself. Ancient understanding of chakras has been confirmed by inventions such as Kirlian photography which can take pictures of a person’s aura and chakras. It shows that the spheres are indeed there and radiating the very colors that have been suggested by age-old wisdom. When the chakras are viewed either through photography or the senses, sometimes they may appear muddy, dark or irregularly shaped. These things determine how the energy is flowing through the chakras and what their vibrational state might be. Vibration and color are one and the same. Some sensitive people report seeing music as color and they are not incorrect because every note of music vibrates in a specific way and that vibration makes a color when travelling through a path of light. Along the spinal column runs a pathway of light energy which enters each person at the crown of their head. You might notice in images that the crown chakra is often depicted as white or ultra violet light. This is the true color of light before it is prismatically broken down into the primary colors we see in our rainbow.

The white light at the crown of the head comes from the universe. It is the source of the energy we use to move and breathe as we live each day. It moves down from the crown through a part of the brain where the pineal gland is located. This is the area of the third eye chakra and corresponds with the note A. As the energy travels down the spine, it is met by nerve centers along the spinal pathway which correspond to each of the chakras. Following are the names of the chakras and their corresponding notes: Crown chakra (ultra-violet or white, B); Third Eye chakra (indigo, A); Throat chakra (blue, G); Heart Chakra (green, F); Solar Plexus chakra (yellow, E); Sacral chakra (orange, D); Root chakra (red, C). These are the main chakras and there are minor chakras as well, but when people typically refer to chakras, they are referring to these seven major energy centers in the body.

Through their vibratory action and sounds, these energy centers regulate the energy of our bodies. A person with a harmonized and flowing chakra system will experience ease and grace in their daily living, a balanced mood and pleasant disposition. When chakras are blocked or darkened, there is usually a corresponding behavior pattern or set of feelings associated with the blockage. There may even be illness or disease. Over time, as the discordant vibration persists, the matter surrounding it begins to entrain to the discordant vibration which can cause both psychological unrest and physical issues like pain, soreness and tightness. Keeping the chakras balanced and free flowing is a great way to nurture and care for the body. In addition, finding and clearing serious blockages in conjunction with energy therapy can go a long way to assisting healing on both the mental and physical levels. In my practice I make a point of looking at the chakras in each session to determine if a blockage or loss of energy could be impacting the person’s quality of life.

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