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When one thinks of a blessing, more than likely they picture a form of prayer or physical gesture or possibly even both. This may be because blessings have been known and used throughout all ages and cultures by priests and shamans even to the present day. The practitioner uses a symbol because symbols carry specific energy signatures which apply themselves to a space by changing its vibration. A learned spiritual practitioner understands the energetic and esoteric significance of symbols and uses them to spread loving, healing and positive energies. These energies raise the vibration of the area they cover and by the nature of doing so, dissolve or push out lower vibrational energies, thereby cleansing the space in an energetic way. Blessings can be learned and done by anyone and through performing them, are a good reminder to express a positive attitude regularly.

Blessings can be performed for many life occasions and special blessings can be created to prepare an area with a unique energy. A blessing can be silent or done with a gathering depending upon the situation and those requesting it. One can also be taught or created specifically for someone and given to them to use in their daily life. A part of the magic of a blessing lies in the intention behind it. The more powerful and heartfelt the intention for the blessing, the stronger the energy will be there and the longer it will linger. For me blessings are a positive and enriching ritual which brings together many energies in harmony and uplift both the being and the atmosphere. I enjoy using them in my own life as well as my practice when requested.

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