Helping Hand

It is my passion and pleasure to offer help and guidance to others seeking assistance with any type of life issue or who just have questions to which they struggle to find answers. I typically combine energy sessions with guided meditation and readings or communication with your Etheric Body and/or personal Guides. At present I mostly work via distance although there are times I am able to schedule visits to people in my local area. Skype and Phone calls are part of my distance practice.

Services Offered

Sometimes certain services can seem almost magical or mystifying. In reality the mystery lies in the energy behind what is being done, while the implements or media used act as tools which skilled thoughts and hands can manipulate to produce a helpful outcome.

Click on a service below for a breakdown of what is behind some of the main services I employ in my practice and why I use them!

Services available include but are not limited to:


Free — 20 Minute Consultation (first visit only)
$60/hr — Energy Therapy Services 'a la cart

Includes Readings, Reiki, Clearings and Blessings, Animal Communication, Etheric Communication or all of the above. Services are provided as needed and paid per hour spent performing the service. Half hour sessions are available for $35.

$75 — Therapeutic Rejuvenation Package

Includes: Pre-session Energy, Aura and Tarot Card reading. One-hour phone or skype session which includes interpretation of pre-session readings, a guided meditation followed by Reiki, Chakra clearing and balancing, Aura therapy and a breakdown and interpretation of your energy during the session.

$100 — Therapeutic Rejuvenation & A Friendly Chat

Includes: Pre-session Energy, Aura and tarot Card reading. One-hour phone or skype session consisting of messages and results from pre-session work relative to your life now and comparing it with what you would like to see or not see. Followed by your choice of continuing conversation, Additional readings for new questions or Guided meditation and Reiki, Chakra Clearing and Balancing.

$45 — A Friendly Chat

Just what it claims to be. If there is something on your mind you would like to chat about for a half hour to either vent or get advice or both, schedule A Friendly Chat. Energy therapy is usually given as we chat unless you request otherwise.

$75 — A Longer Chat

Maybe your concern requires a bit more time, A Longer Chat gives you an hour to vent, download, upload or just take a load off. Energy therapy is usually given during the chat, I am happy to oblige if you would prefer otherwise.

$75 — Single Coaching Session

Must be preceded by First Coaching Session. In this one-hour session, check in on Game Plan goals, create a Game Plan, amend one, add goals or find advice for specific situations that are coming up for you along the path.

$135 — Fist Coaching Session

Free Consultation must precede booking a coaching session. Includes 1.5 hours for the first session. Discuss goals and desires for coaching. Stop here or make a Game Plan for how you will go about achieving your goals. Book additional sessions to assist you in your plan or check in along the way as you feel it is necessary for you. Bulk session rates available, just ask!

$150 — Weddings

I will preside as minister over your wedding, administering your vows with care and blessing your union. Non-denominational, customizable vows and blessings.


I can be reached via my website, Facebook Messenger or by texting or calling (602)501-3662. Any questions about my services? Feel free to ask! I offer a free initial consultation to determine your needs and what types of help I can offer.